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Copper and Wire Heart Pendant
Crafters Coast to Coast : Episode HCC2C-156 -- More Projects

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December 14, 2004

Project by Helena Marette from Peachtree City, Ga.

Helena is a woman of many talents, and in this project, she shows us how to make a textured copper necklace.


2" x 2" piece of 22-gauge copper
two 18-gauge copper wires: 6-1/2" and 5"
metal shears
lead-free solder
abrasive paper
wet/dry sandpaper
ball-peen hammer
butane torch or solder iron
lacquer or patina solution (optional)
hydraulic press (optional)


1. Draw freehand or use a template of a heart to cut the heart out of the copper with shears.

2. Immediately sand the edges smooth using the abrasive paper and clean surface with soap and water using wet/dry sandpaper. Dry the copper heart.

3. Anneal the copper by running the torch flame over it until the metal turns bright cherry red. Submerge in water and dry thoroughly.

4. Make a spiral with the 5-inch copper wire. Place the spiral on the copper heart at the desired location and use the hydraulic press to imprint the heart. An anvil and hammer can also be used if a press is not available.

5. Fold the 6-1/2-inch wire to create the wings. Starting at the center, wrap the wire around the diameter of a pencil and twist to form the jump ring to attach your chain. Allow equal amounts of wire on either side to fold the wings into shape and placement.

6. Apply flux to the clean backside of the heart and solder the wire into place, keeping the jump ring in the center of the piece.

7. Attach a leather of link chain and embellishments!

Website: http://www.planetartstudio.com/